Back and Lifting Safety Training

Back and Lifting Safety Training for Employers

TMA Training will provide the best Back and Lifting Safety training service, and get all types of forklift certification. To operate a Back and Lifting Safety in Canada need certification and licence. TMA Training is the best in industry training in Ontario, Canada.

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    Back and Lifting Safety Training

    This Back and Lifting Course is designed for personnel in any organization. It provides insight into the physiology of the human back, how it is stressed during physical work and how Participants can use safe lifting techniques to avoid unnecessary injury to their back. The outcome from taking this course should reduce back injuries and the resultant lost work time, benefiting both employees and the organization.

    The course duration is approximately 45 minutes.


    About Our Trainer

    Todd – Founder and CEO

    Meeting Your Company’s Needs for Health and Safety Training and Compliance in Canada

    I love working on complex client problems and finding friendly creative ways to solve them, simply, easily, and cost-effectively.

    My experiences growing up in a 7th generation agricultural family and having worked and trained in Sales and Technology for decades led me to search out how to help Canadian companies with their Health and Safety Training needs. I look forward to interacting daily with our wonderful, varied clientele and helping keep their people and company safe with the aid of our online customizable courses and compliance training.

    Course Overview

    Back and Lifting Safety Training

    Back & Lifting Safety – Our Course consists of 6 sessions, each of which will train on different aspects heavy lifting safety procedure and manual handling techniques.

    The course is relatively short and will instruct the participant how to prepare for and execute lifts to reduce back injuries. There are lectures with slides explaining everything you need to know for the safe lifting test and more.

    The purpose of this course is to supply people with information on back and lifting safety so they can begin to understand how the back works and how to maintain a healthy back as well as how to help prevent injuries.

    Course Details

    Session 1

    Session 1 focuses on the Statistics around incorrect lifting techniques and the effects. The Anatomy of the Spine is covered.  How the backbone works and how it is made up is detailed. The health and safety carrying weight is discussed.

    Session 3

    Session 3  will cover Common Causes of Back Pain. Most people who suffer from back problems are experiencing mechanical pain. Outlined are the most common cause of back pain.

    Session 5

    Session 5 focuses on Executing the Lift. Know and practice the mechanics of correct lifting. Manual handling and lift training is shown.

    Session 2

    Session 2 covers the Forces Involved when Lifting. Four out of Five lower back injuries occur when we are lifting heavy objects, so it is very important that we all understand “why” lifting is such a problem and what are the proper lifting techniques to use.

    Session 4

    Session 4 will cover Panning the Lift. This will look at how to prevent lifting techniques and how to lift heavy objects. Lift training is vital to safe lifting.

    Session 6

    Session 6 reviews Techniques and Tips.  The importance of manual handling techniques and the Health and Safety of lifting above head height. This course makes sure the participant knows the mechanics of correct safe lifting.


    How long does the course take?

    The time required to take this course is 45 minutes.

    How long before the course can be started?

    You can begin assigning courses immediately after signing up and paying for them. The sign-up process is quick and easy, and shortly you can have your personnel started on the course itself.

    Is the course compliant with all laws and regulations?

    Yes, the course covers all the competency requirements of OSHA and CSA forklift standards. There are other forms of workplace and equipment training that may also be required at your workplace for forklift training, but this type of training is done by the employer.

    Wrap Up

    Obtaining your Back and Lifting Safety license is an easy, convenient way to improve your job prospects. Our course meets or exceeds all the standards and safety regulations required to help you get started.

    We wish you great luck in your career and any future endeavors. Contact us for more information about the Back and Lifting Safety Certification Ontario course.

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