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Our Fall Protection Online Course is designed to raise awareness of many hazards and countermeasures that enhance worker safety. You’ll learn information pertaining to the many structures and devices in place for fall protection, including Personal Fall Arrest Systems. You’ll also learn what informs the Fall Protection Plan within a worksite and how to evaluate conditions for potential fall hazards.

Fall Protection Training

    Fall Protection Online Course

    Designed by TMA Training, the Fall Protection Training Course Ontario contains general information about fall prevention methods used in the construction industry. Some of the topics covered in the 1-hour online course include positioning device systems, safety monitoring systems, types of active and passive fall protection systems, and how to inspect fall protection equipment. You can also expect to learn more about the proper ways of identifying fall hazards and how to create a fall protection plan for your team.

    Although the course costs $20 USD per learner, you can look forward to perks like being able to save progress as you go and having round-the-clock access to TMA Training’s customer support.

    This advanced level online fall protection and protection training is designed so that each trainee will have their own individual course. Individual trainees can be registered by clicking any one of the “Add to Cart” buttons appearing on this page. Trainees will be able to begin their online fall protection and prevention training course as soon as they are registered for their online OSHA course, and will receive a confirmation email that allows them to log back in at a later time.

    To make sure there is someone at the computer during the course, the student must use their mouse to click on an arrow to advance through the course each time a section is completed. The course is narrated, so the student must use a computer equipped with speakers or plug in headphones or ear-buds so they can hear.

    This extensive online course by Danatec Educational Services will provide you with pretty much everything you need to know about fall protection to perform your tasks safely from heights. It explores the different aspects of fall arrests, types of fall protection, and kinds of personal protective equipment used in specific job sites. The course also touches on the more technical side of fall protection awareness and risk assessment by teaching you how to calculate fall clearances for specific job sites.

    Fall Protection and Personal Fall Arrest Systems is an online course by eSafety that focuses on the proper usage, inspection, and maintenance of personal fall arrest systems. Divided into 14-lessons, the course delves into specific topics like free fall deceleration, component lifelines, rope descent systems, and self-retracting lifelines that can help you safely perform your job in elevated areas.

    It even emphasizes the hazards of incorrectly using personal fall arrest systems. To avail of their training certification, you’ll need to complete additional in-person employee training and assessment.

    fall protection online course


    AODA Certificate, Fall Protection Online Course

    How To Get AODA Certificate?

    Course Description: This course is in English and covers the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) requirement for Ontario. Not every disability is visible. Approximately 15.5% of Ontarians have a disability. These can include vision disabilities, deafness or hard-of-hearing, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities or even mental health disabilities.

    The AODA Online Training was developed by the Ontario Government to ensure that the province is accessible for all people and to remove any barriers it can. It requires that every employer and employee in Ontario to take training on the AODA and the Ontario Human Rights Code. In taking this module, participants will learn:

    The AODA Accessible Customer Service Regulation e-learning course was developed in collaboration with accessibility experts from the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), March of Dimes and The Canadian Hearing Society.

    AccessAbility Advantage, a joint venture between March of Dimes Canada and Quadrangle Architects Limited, led the content development and provides ongoing customization services. TMA Training is the e-learning service provider.

    The Accessibility Customer Service training course is a one module course that follows the 8 Units developed in the training criteria set out by the Ministry of Labour in Ontario to meet the training requirements for AODA integrated accessibility standards.

    It takes approximately 45 minutes to complete the training course including testing. The Certificate of Completion is issued instantly and emailed to you as the course administrator and can be reprinted as necessary.

    You need to meet the eligibility criteria

    Persons who meet the exemption requirements outlined in their local municipal by-laws (i.e., those who have underlying medical conditions) must notify IHSA at least 10 business days prior to the start date of their event to allow for reasonable accommodation to be made that will ensure the safety training of other participants and IHSA staff. Those who fail to provide IHSA with 10 business days’ notice may be required to reschedule their event.

    The law requires you to allow service animals on the parts of your premises that are open to the public. In cases where another law prohibits a service animal from entering certain areas (for example, a service animal would not be allowed in the kitchen of a cooking school), provide another way for the person to access your goods, services or facilities.

    Welcome support people to your workplace or business. They are permitted in any part of your premises that is open to the public. If your organization is one that charges admission, such as a movie theatre, provide advance notice about what admission fee or fare will be charged for a support person.

    How To Get Fall Protection Online Course Ontario

    In most cases, fall protection training expires 3 years after completion of a certified course. Some operations and companies may require recertification more frequently, but this 3-year period is the standard for BC.

    Many fall protection training courses can be completed online, but this may not be enough for full certification in some industries.

    Online fall protection system or working at heights training may seem appealing, as it’s easy, convenient, and quick. However, there are many limitations with online training.

    Learning how you can stay safe on the job is more than just reading the legislation or watching instructional videos. Hands-on training is the best way to keep everyone safe on the job. Here are some facts about online training:

    There are new WAH training standards in Ontario. All workers must be trained on new WAH standards by April 1, 2017. However, a 6-month extension has been put in place for experienced workers who have completed fall protection training prior to April 1, 2015.

    You will need to meet the eligibility criteria and pass the test

    This is a 2-module course. To complete the course, participants must verify their understanding of the content by passing a mandatory test for each module. Participants that do not achieve 100% can review the module content and try as many times as necessary to advance and complete the course.

    Test questions are randomly selected from a test bank, making each test experience unique.

    To receive MTCU accreditation to the common core modules, an MTCU Modular Training Application must be submitted to the MTCU by an Employer. The participant then has 1 year from the completion date of this common core to be evaluated by a certified evaluator to one or more of the following specialty modules.

    It is the candidate’s responsibility to inform the local Apprenticeship Client Services office of a change of name, address or transfer to a new employer and provide the required documents for registration.

    To be accredited in the Generic Supervisor Common Core training Program, the employee must have demonstrated competency in each of the above 770141 Program Modules. All candidates must be employed by a sponsor employer WITH APPROVED MTCU SIGNING AUTHORITY.

    Course Overview

    Fall Protection

    Take an Online Fall Protection Training Course

    If your job entails working at elevated levels in a non-construction setting, you can benefit from the Working at Heights Training course by OSG. This site safety training course highlights your general responsibilities when working at heights and discusses the necessary controls needed to reduce the risk of a fall.

    It also goes into detail about the proper use, inspection, and maintenance of harnesses and other fall arrest systems. If you want to get OSG’s 2-year fall protection certificate after completing this online program, you’ll have 90 days to take a required in-person practical evaluation.

    From scaffolds and roofing to aerial lifts and overhead cranes, fall hazards can be found in many elevated workplaces. Hazmat School designed the OSHA Fall Protection Training course to help you train your workers and prevent falls that may result in serious injuries or fatalities.

    The lessons cover specific topics like structures and devices used for fall protection, requirements for scaffolding system, and criteria for using personal fall arrest systems. There are no prerequisites needed for this workplace safety training course but learners do need to prepare for a final exam to acquire their completion certificate.

    Falls are the leading cause of injuries and safety incidents on job sites across North America. Even if they occur from a relatively low height, falls can cause serious injuries. That is why any individual working at heights of 10 ft or higher must complete a fall protection training course.

    These courses instruct individuals in the proper use of fall protection equipment, safety techniques, and applicable standards to minimize the risk of safety incidents.

    In many jobs that require manual work at heights, falls are among the most common causes of serious injuries and fatalities. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to prevent such incidents and comply with your state’s regulations on fall protection. With such high risks involved, it’s also critical that your workers receive proper training before working on-site to ensure their safety.

    We’ve provided some of the most comprehensive and up-to-date fall protection training courses that you can use to help your employees learn more about the key concepts of fall protection and, in turn, safely do their work.

    Fall Protection theoretical training and evaluation course, in accordance with the OHS Act, addressed to individuals working at heights of more than 3 metres (10 feet). Employers/Supervisors must ensure that workplace-specific hands-on practice in emergency response procedures and inspecting, fitting, adjusting, and connecting fall protection systems and their components, is provided.

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